Dear Girl Playing Piano In Hospital Lobby,

IMG_0667Dear Girl Playing Piano In Hospital Lobby,

You are young — 20? 22?– so you should probably be forgiven.

You’ve chosen your playlist from slow popular songs that don’t have lyrics like “ho” and “bitches”. Songs that don’t offend, songs you could play for your grandmother.

So you play them.You play them forgetting that people around you are stricken, frightened, ill, facing demise.

And they don’t want to think about only having 100 years to live. They want more years. A thousand perhaps.

If you want to offer consolation and hope, maybe it’s best to avoid songs played during the sad parts of Grey’s Anatomy.

Very Sincerely,

A Patient

P.S. Also please avoid any discussion of being in the arms of an angel.


  1. Ayayay! That playlist needs a songectomy—Stat!

  2. Help4newmoms says:

    Sometimes common sense takes a holiday

  3. Claudine, that sounds like a song title! And Kathryn, I’m thinking I could turn “Stat” into a chorus 🙂

  4. thabutcha says:

    Or the song from when Bill Bixby walks away, clothes tattered, post-Hulksmash.

    1. Rob, how about the theme to The Courtship of Eddie’s Father? Oh wait, you’re too young to remember that. And Sonya, I am fine-ish. Just too damned observant and cranky, as usual.

      1. thabutcha says:

        Thank you. I like being called young. But Bill Bixby is a hero no matter what sad saga he’s in…

  5. graurog says:

    Well said, fair maid…from one of those who don’t want to be talking about being in the arms of angels…may be 85…but I ain’t done yet. As the cowboy song says,”Dear Lord, I wanna go to heaven, but not tonight”. RonG

  6. graurog says:

    Kel, I’m one of them that doesn’t care to talk about bein’ in the arms of angels, I may be 85 but I ain’t done yet. Like the cowboy song says, “Dear Lord, I wanna go to heaven, but not tonight”. RonG

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