Dear Doctor,


Dear Doctor,

When you called me in the car and told me you’d already faxed the forms to the college, called the sports medicine specialist on campus, arranged for the boot measurement, and verified there was an appointment for my daughter the next day, you thought you’d lost me.

Hello?  Hello?  You said as if the call had been dropped.

I’m here, I said.  I’m just so . . .  stunned.  And touched.  And thankful.

That’s why we’re here, she replied.

And I thought to myself, that is what you don’t see on the hospital website. We are specialists in disease, orthopedics, and in cutting through red tape for scared moms whose kids are far from home.



P.S. I’m sorry she went out dancing in her cast last night. She swears you never said  “no dancing.”





  1. Janice says:

    Oh I’m so sorry! Which awesome school gets credit for the super care? Hope she feels better.

    1. Oh, the school (BC) gets minor credit — it was the hometown doc who went above and beyond == she is having QUITE a year

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