Dear Hot UPS Guy,

Do you wonder about the people you deliver to, as we wonder about you?

We wonder if you are an Olympic athlete, drawn to the good benefits for traveling and training. We wonder if you are a model or actor, in between jobs. We wonder if you are married. And if you have an older brother. Or maybe a hot dad.

Do you wonder if I am a writer, based on all the books you carry to my door?  Or a dancer, because of the bright lululemon boxes?

Do you wonder why I spritz on perfume when I see you walking down my driveway?


Sudden Mail Order Addict

Gee, I think I better order more socks. And maybe some paper towels.

Dear Real Estate Agent,

Dear Real Estate Agent,

It’s not big or fancy or bold. Out back, it’s dappled light. The scent of something sweet in the air. The feel of moss beneath your hand when you hide behind a tree. In the front, it’s a porch and shutters. And all around, the faintest of maritime sounds in the distance: boats bobbing against a dock, the whistle of a ferry, the warning whoosh of fog.  It’s a wooded place in a harbor town. 

If you find my home, will you let me know?Image

Very sincerely,

Every client who grew up near a lake